Welcome to Karlén Engineering
Karlén Engineering is a consultant company which offers a wide range of Electrical Power Technical Services. These services could for example be in the areas of:
Production Plants
- Wind Power
- Hydro Power
- Solar Power
Transmission Systems
- Transformer Substations
- Power Lines
- Cables
End Users 
- Industries
- Household

Investigations and pre studies may result in a decision basis where different alternatives are prioritised.

Formulation of a Problem - Analysis - Action Proposal. Quality Defects in the Electrical Power Grid can lead to Production Stoppages in major Process Industries. The working process often includes testing of the Power Quality, analysis based on simulations and suggestions on Action Proposals.

Training as well as Customised Courses are developed on requirement basis. This could cover supplementary training of own staff within the area of Power Quality.

A thorough analysis of the process causing the stoppage or damages at the site. International experience and reports aid the analysis needed to be able to get to the root of the problem.

There could be a need to clarify level of the Power Quality in the grid, for instance the voltage flicker level or the level of harmonics. This will give a picture of the current network status, a finger print, which will help in future adjustments and changes of the Power Grid.